Why Learning From The Past Is Important: Becoming a Strong Woman

Why Learning From The Past Is Important: Becoming a Strong Woman

Our new world during the COVID-19 outbreak has forced many of us to slow down and reminisce. Many of us think of our past, even unintentionally. I believe that now is the ideal time to reflect and learn from the past.

Personally, I have learned a lot from my own past. It wasn’t a solo journey: I had help through various resources including support groups online, self-help books and articles, and through my trusted partner (my husband) of over 14 years.

One important lesson I take from my past is that “perfectionism is a myth”.

Making the decision to learn and grow from my mistakes of the past has helped me become the woman I am today.

As I continue to live life, make mistakes, and analyze my successes, I will continue to learn.

Once you free yourself from impossible standards, you can begin to explore your limits, break those limits, and discover your true potential.

Even if no one in your inner circle believes in you, always believe in yourself.

You can (and will) be your greatest motivator to live your best life.

What Does It Take To Become A Strong Woman?                                                    

To become a strong woman, you have to build your character through learning from your mistakes and from the hardships of your past.

Rarely do you see what it takes for strong women to become who they are.

The reality is, we all struggle at one point or another at various degrees of suffering. It’s part of life.

Can we take away anything positive from painful memories of the past? Is it possible?

The simple answer is, yes.

Of course, some situations are simply unfair and nothing good can come from them except if one survives it.

For situations that you are able take away something good, think of those hardships as “lessons”.

Why Learning From The Past Is Important                                                                

You won’t repeat the same mistakes (too often) & you can start new habits and actions.

No one can make the decision for you to start a new habit or to act in more positive ways. Only you can decide that.

When battling addiction, you also have the physiological and psychological aspects to work against. That’s why it’s very important to have a support network or go to rehab. Also, you should stay away from anyone who encourages you to relapse.

When you look back at the past, you will be able to admire how far you’ve come.

Once you have learned from the past, you will find yourself succeeding more than ever.

No one is perfect, it takes time to learn something new, and you might slip up a few times.

Humble yourself and realize that no one is perfect; perfection is impossible.

To make a change, you must be willing to put aside your pride & humble yourself.

Don’t be ashamed to seek help: professionally, over the internet, using “self-help” guidance, or with a trusted friend(s) or a partner.

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