The Innovative Entrepreneur from a Small Village of Assam – Sobita Tamuli

The Innovative Entrepreneur from a Small Village of Assam – Sobita Tamuli

Business is not just everyone’s cup of tea. It takes a lot of dedication, perseverance, hard work and time. When we see Sobita Tamuli, we feel she is just another small village housewife, who is busy with her chores. But we are quite mistaken; Sobita is a very successful businesswoman of two major flourishing brands in the local markets of Assam.

Journey behind this Smart Small Town Entrepreneur Lady

Ideas and dreams were the best friends of Little Sobita, who wanted to do something different from others around her. Every day many ideas would take plan but by the end of that day, it would vaporize into thin air. In 2002 she was just like any other eighteen years old bride who was busy with her day to day tasks.

It all changed, when she decided to try one of her hundred ideas and nurture it to grow and become a famous brand.  It was not a very familiar sight back in 2002 when a girl of such a simple background would try to be an entrepreneur.

Seuji Manure: The Organic Manure

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She started the business of making organic manure in her home with a small group of women from her village. Her preparation of the organic manure is quite simple yet very effective. Most of the ingredients used in the manure could be found in the villages or nearby areas as well as it was financially affordable. It included items like cow dung, banana plant, earthworms, khaar, and fallen leaves.

Nowadays, people are more and more conscious of health and healthy food. It is not surprising the demand for this brand of organic manure is increasing day by day. The brand of organic manure by the name Kesuhaar or earthworm manure is at its peak. Moreover, it is very easy to order this brand of manure via Sobita’s Self Help Group ‘Seuji’ for just Rs 50 per 5 kg packet.

Japi: the cultural icon of Assam

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With the ongoing business of making organic manure, Sobita wanted to spread her business in different spheres too.  Her determination and persistence bought newer opportunities for her and her business. Sobita’s group has now ventured into making traditional Japis.  Actually, Japis represents Assam’s culture. They are conical traditional hats with wide rims, looks very beautiful not just on the head as well as a decoration item. 

The group not only makes traditional style Japis, but they also customize it according to the demands of the customers or any organization.  Once the product is ready the group sells it into the neighbouring markets or directly to the customer’s place to avoid middlemen. When Sobita was asked about this system, she said,Instead of relying on middlemen, we deemed it wiser to do the selling themselves. Also, our main motive is to attract visitors to smaller markets such as ours, and not the other way round.’ She feels this way the whole community could be benefitted not just her group members.

Sobita’s Uniqueness in Work

One of the most famous elements of her work is she is very punctual in everything she does.  She is not ready to stop; she is filled with many ideas. She is a hard-core businesswoman who is not just satisfied with these two successful ventures.

 She is spreading her wings and learning the art of making agarbattis.  Maybe it won’t be long before the sweet scent of Sobita’ aggarbattis would reach our households.

After twelve years of her business life when asked about the reaction of her villagers or society, her humble reply is, “A decade back when I had started, there was hardly any encouragement for me. Now, things are different. The whole village is involved in the organic manure and the japi business. They have realized how possibilities live in even seemingly small ideas.”

May Indian villages have more and more iron-willed, stub-born entrepreneurs like Sobita Tamuli. She has brought entrepreneurship to the small village and revolutionized simple ideas into major prominent brands.

Wishing all the success for each and every new business idea of Sobita Tamoli!!!

By Gayatri P


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