10 reasons why it rocks to be a photographer

10 reasons why it rocks to be a photographer

We all know who a photographer is, right? Not only is he a digital artist but he also knows the perfect time to take a long-lasting picture. Isn’t it quite difficult yet cool to determine the exact time to seize that perfect moment? You don’t think so?

Let’s give you 10 reasons to prove that photographers are so cool!

1) Capture a moment: Photographers have this superpower of capturing a moment of yours in such a beautiful way and it can be kept with you forever. How wonderful is this!

2) See the beauty in every day: Photographers tend to find beauty in anything simple they see on an ordinary day without even trying. It’s the power of positivity that flows through their veins!

3) Express Yourself: Photography gives you a way in which you can express yourself and imitate your views before the world. Through their pictures, photographers can make people understand their logics and believe in the best representative way possible. So, it is all about what you see!

4) Travelling: Photographers have this additional benefit that they need to travel everywhere and not capture the beauties but also be their eyewitness. They get to go to places where not everyone has an access to, because of our oh-so-busy lives.

5) Connection: There’s this weird but intimate connection that photographers have with nature and living beings that only they can feel. This extraordinary and strong pull that they feel cannot be witnessed by all.

6) Self-love: Photographers, especially the ones who make portraits, realize how to see the excellence in somebody that probably that person can’t see themselves. To show that to them in the photographs is an extraordinary blessing. It can be helpful in promoting self-love in this world where people love shaming each other.

7) Bend Reality: Photography is an art that can completely bend or turn reality into something which it is not. Now, isn’t it magical?

8) Witness raw emotion: Photographers can easily witness raw emotions of love, happiness, contentment and whatnot, while they do what they’re passionate about.

9) Forget your worries: Photography takes us out of this world and into the beautiful images that can make us forget our worries and calm our senses altogether.

10) Tell a story: Photography is a great medium for storytelling. A picture itself is the biggest telltale of all times. It can make us imagine scenarios after taking a look at them.

There’s so much to photography that I’m sure none of us knew. I never would’ve thought that being a photographer is so difficult as well as so cool! Hats off to the ones already there and to the ones who are on the way.

Priyanka Sharma

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