13 life quotes of Sudha Murthy for you to understand life in a better way

13 life quotes of Sudha Murthy for you to understand life in a better way

Sudha Murthy is a role model for many women across the world. She represents many Indian women, who believe in being down-to-earth yet ambitious soul.

Sudha Murthy was the first female to join a male-dominated college. And with time she played the role of author, engineer, philanthropist, homemaker and many more. She has inspired millions of women and men across the world for multiple reasons. She inspired us with her simplicity in the world filled with luxury goods, she inspired us with her thought-provoking parenting lessons and her kindness towards humanity during the tough times. In fact, for such reasons, we can actually relate to her. Her skill of using the simplest words had left an unforgettable impact, she has been able to strike the right chords. Here are some of her quotes that puts a profound impact on her simplicity.

1. If you try to please everyone, you will please no one. It’s impossible to lead your life for others’ happiness.

2. Usually, people who are sensitive need more time to understand the real world.

3. Money is one thing that rarely unites and mostly divides people.

4. I realised then that only diseases and not honesty and integrity are passed down to the next generation through genes.

5. A fire cannot be extinguished with another fire. It is the only water that can make a difference 

6 . You may be rich enough to buy comfort and luxuries, but the same money doesn’t define a class or give you the ability to purchase it.

7. You should not be so sensitive. Sensitive people suffer a lot in life.

8. We can give our children only two things in life which are essential. Strong roots and powerful wings. Then they may fly anywhere and live independently

9. When someone gets cheated, that person gets upset not because they have lost money but because he or she realises that they have been foolish enough to be tricked.

10. Rich or poor, it is good to do our own work and be fit.

11. Men can do certain things well and women other things. Men and women are complementary to each other. One need not prove one ‘s strength.

12. With my experience in life, I want to tell you that having good relationships, compassion and peace of mind is much more important than achievements, awards, degrees or money.

13. Life is an exam where the syllabus is unknown and question papers are not set. Nor are there model answer papers.

In a world like this where we women are still struggling to fit in. A woman like her makes a difference in the world. She made us believe that how with a strong mindset and simplicity one can win over the hearts of million people. In a society, where women are treated as weak, vulnerable and like a burden, it is quite inspiring what Sudha has to say about women’s strength. We need not let society make us forget how strong we are.

Written by Poonam Chatterjee

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