No women member allowed in Sydney’s Elite “gentlemen’s club”

No women member allowed in Sydney’s Elite “gentlemen’s club”

Members of an elite all-male “gentlemen’s club” in Sydney have voted against allowing women to join their ranks.

The Australian Club said on Tuesday that a “record turnout” of members at the special general meeting voted on the resolution, which would have amended the club’s constitution to allow female members.

“The meeting determined that the 75% threshold to pass the resolution was not met,” the club said in a statement.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that 693 member votes were cast with 62% against allowing women members, 37% in favour and 1% abstaining. There had been a campaign over several years for an amendment to the constitution.

Women are allowed to attend the club as guests. It was founded in 1838.

It is one of several Australian clubs that still prevent women from becoming members including the Melbourne Savage Club.

That club offers membership by invitation “to gentlemen who are able to embrace the club’s ethos and who enjoy good fellowship”.

“Our members come from diverse backgrounds – the arts, law, medicine, science, military, entertainment and business,” its website states.

“Special interest groups that meet regularly over lunch or dinner are at the heart of the club’s activities. Fine wines, automobiles, poetry, literature, current affairs, sport and the arts are all embraced.

“Lady guests are welcome at the club at many functions and are always welcome at the club after 4.30 pm on weekdays.”

Source: The Guardian

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