England fans created ruckus on the streets of London

England fans created ruckus on the streets of London

Shocking scenes broke out in London on Sunday as many fans without tickets attempted to enter the Wembley Stadium to view the Euro 2020 final between Italy and England. The video recordings of fans causing uproar and combating with police to go past made rounds on social media. 

Before the match started, a huge number of fans without tickets slid on Wembley Stadium, some scrambling up trees and traffic signals. There were tumultuous scenes as safety crew and police fought with hundreds who attempted to storm and enter the arena.

The London Metropolitan Police conceded that few ticketless fans had entered the 90,000-seat arena, where the limit should be restricted to a pandemic-confined 67,000. 

The Metropolitan Police said 49 people had been arrested and 19 of its officers were injured after confronting volatile crowds near Wembley Stadium throughout the day.

If all of this was not enough, the roads of Leicester City was full of alcoholic fans throwing bottles, cans, and traffic cones, as well as setting up firecrackers.

The English supporters reacted attacked the Italian fans outside the stadium after Italy’s victory at the European Championship in a 3-2 penalty shootout.

A short video, circulating on the Internet, shows English fans hitting their Italian counterparts – kicking and punching outside the stadium.

The story doesn’t end here.

In 2018, at the time of the last World Cup, the UK’s National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) highlighted a sobering statistic and released a confronting image.

It shows the face of a woman bleeding from her nose, with the blood-forming the Saint George’s Cross — the national flag of England.

The picture was designed to show that when the national team plays, domestic violence in England increases by 26 per cent. If England loses, the figure is even higher — DV surges by 38 per cent.

Thereby implying a surge in cases of domestic violence after such football matches.

The question is where is the country heading?

Violence, disruption, abuse and attack at the pretext of a match, a football match. Forcing us to also wonder are we not in the middle of a pandemic? Has the UK completely recovered from the virus attack? Are there no more COVID cases?

Let’s find out.

UK is reporting 31,772 daily infections and 26 new deaths. An estimated one in 160 people in England had covid-19 in the week up to 3 July, up from one in 260 people the previous week and the highest estimate since February. In Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, equivalent estimates were one in 340 people, one in 300 people and one in 100 people, respectively – all increases from the previous week.  

The point is we are going through a pandemic, and we don’t have to increase our worry and wrath by witnessing streets full of filth and dirt, women scared for their life at home while men are having fun over booze and sports.

There are so many problems with the videos above.

It isn’t just about excessive alcohol consumption but an inherent faulty line among men. The sooner we address the better.

Written by Prakriti S

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One thought on “England fans created ruckus on the streets of London

  1. Time for England to shut up and look within. They are racist of the highest order. The young generation is oblivious of their heinous past, of loot and dacoit, of killing and massive human exploitation. But look here, seems like nothing has changed. They still believe they are above everyone. Shameful. Disgusting.

    Did I mention British people are extremely abusive and innately racist. Yeah, I did.

    Glad people are seeing their true faces.

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