Pope says NO to same-sex marriage

Pope says NO to same-sex marriage

Pope Francis on Wednesday said the church couldn’t accept gay marriage because marriage is a sacrament between a man and woman.

But the pontiff stressed that states can and should pass civil laws to allow homosexual couples to have inheritance rights and health care coverage.

“Marriage is marriage. This doesn’t mean condemning people who are like this. No, please! They are our brothers and sisters and we have to accompany them,” he said, as he returned to Rome on a flight from Bratislava.

Francis told media aboard the flight laws are important to help “many people of different sexual orientation.”

He said that the sacrament is not condemning people but that “marriage as a sacrament is clear.”

Francis ended his first post-surgery trip in Slovakia after a four-day pilgrimage including Budapest and Hungary.

He has appeared in good form and spirits throughout the gruelling itinerary, seemingly energised by the crowds after being cooped up in the Vatican for over a year of COVID-19 restrictions.

Source: AP News

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