A letter to my father on his death anniversary

A letter to my father on his death anniversary

On the day of his death, my father left us with one last gift- a letter to me. It was wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a bow. I sat down right then and there and began reading it. It was heartfelt, honest, and felt like he had written it just for me. That letter gave me comfort when I was hurting the most. I wanted that same feeling for my father on this day- so much that I wrote him a letter in return.

I miss you, daddy

My father, the man who raised me

My daddy was an amazing man who never raised his voice, never lost his temper, and never got angry with me. He also made me feel like I was the most important person in the world.

I was raised by my father, who taught me the values of life. He taught me to trust in the goodness of humanity, be strong in front of adversity, and never give up even when things looked bleak.

It’s been a year since you died, pa. The last year has been really hard for me and my family. I miss your advice, your jokes, especially your hugs. You were my best friend and I have never found anyone else like you.

I miss you dearly, I love you so much. I saw you for the last time when you were in a coma, smiling at me. Your eyes lit up in happiness and your lips curled into a friendly smile. It was the only time I saw that beautiful smile of yours, but it was just enough to keep me alive. All that’s left is this letter shared with the world to show my love to you.

When you left us, my world crashed into pieces, that’s when I started to notice that even though you’re gone your teachings are still there with me. One of your most important lessons was that no matter what happens in life, be patient. Even when people are mean to you, or when you are struggling to make your dreams come true, know that everything will work out in the end. I promise to never forget your words and your precious teachings, pa.

Do you remember I was 10 years old when we went camping for the first time? I was so scared. Later it turned out to be one of the best childhood memories.

I miss you so much, pa. I wish I could carry your bag for you or just hold your hand. You were always there for me to keep me safe and warm. I remember the first time that I saw you come back to our house after being gone for months, even though it was just to say goodbye before leaving again. When I was pregnant, I cried every day because of how anxious I was about “making it through” the delivery. But all my struggles are worth it now because now my son is here with me, looking at me with those deep brown eyes that remind me so much of yours.

In him I see you. I feel you’re here with me to protect me like always.

For you, I never want to grow up. Remain your little princess for life.

I love and miss you, daddy.

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