Abortion Saves Lives Says A Priest

Abortion Saves Lives Says A Priest

Reverend Lizzi Green, 37, is a priest who underwent two abortions for medical reasons in Cambridge. She says abortion saves lives.

When she was younger, the mother-of-two was raped and had her pregnancy terminated. Within 48 hours of uploading her story on Twitter, more than four million people had seen Lizzi Green’s tweet, in which she claims that abortions save lives.

Mrs Green of Ifield’s St Margaret’s Church aborted her daughter, Ahava, after she began haemorrhaging at 20 weeks.

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Doctors at the Rosie Hospital in Cambridge told her that continuing the pregnancy would put her life in peril.

“Abortion saves lives,” she wrote in a tweet.

“You know the astonishing complexity of pregnancy, you know people get coerced, you know people are simply too poor to cope, you know all the myriad reasons someone might need safe access to abortion. The sickening thing is, you just don’t care.

She described the US statement as “both expected and horribly, deeply wrong.”

After a historic court judgement in 1973, known as the Roe v Wade case, abortion was rendered legal across the United States.

However, according to a leaked document, the Supreme Court is now in favour of overturning that right, making abortion illegal in 22 US states.

Mrs Green stated that while she was not pro-abortion, she believed that women should have a choice and that abortions should be rare, safe, and legal.

She admitted that she was more outspoken on the subject than most priests and that she was aware that some of her colleagues would disagree.

“As a Christian, I think if we claim to follow a God of love it would be nice if we did love people and let them know they are safe and welcome to talk about issues that are so often hidden”

Mrs Green claimed she had experienced some online criticism since her tweet, which has now been retweeted over 8,000 times.

“I am not proud of my abortions, as some have claimed,” she said. “They make me deeply sad. I am proud of myself for both surviving and allowing God to use those experiences.”

She had, however, received notes from women who had undergone abortions praising her for speaking up.

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