Male Afghan students protest the ban on women’s education by boycotting classes

Male Afghan Students Protest The Ban On Women’S Education By Boycotting Classes

Male students in Afghanistan have boycotted their lessons in protest of the Taliban’s prohibition on girls attending universities, according to a report from Tolo News published on Sunday.

Male students have vocally said that they will not attend classes until they are open to female students as well.

The Taliban’s prohibition on women’s education in the country prompted Muzamel, a student, to declare, “We will continue our boycott and if the female classes are not reopened, we will also boycott our lessons and will not continue education.”

“Universities are closed for our sisters.” “We don’t want to go to university either,” said Nawidullah, another student.

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In addition, many professors at Kabul University urged the Taliban to rethink their choice, saying it was regrettable that educational institutions had to close, as per Tolo news.

Tawfiqullah, a lecturer, said, “We ask the Islamic Emirate to reopen universities for our sisters.”

Another student, Mohebullah, was quoted by Tolo news as stating, “My two sisters are also pursuing higher education, but due to the closure of institutions, I will not continue as well.”

Earlier in December, the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education banned higher education for female students. Widespread demonstrations and international outrage followed the ruling.

The de facto authorities have restricted women’s and girls’ freedom of movement since 15 August 2021, stopped girls from attending secondary school, excluded them from the majority of the workforce, and forbade them from utilising public parks, gyms, and bathhouses.

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