Woman To Marry A Prisoner In US After Meeting Him On An App For Crooks

Woman To Marry A Prisoner In Us After Meeting Him On An App For Crooks

On an app for crooks, a British woman met a prisoner serving jail time in the US. The two met on the app and later decided to marry; they haven’t actually met each other in person yet, though.

Laura O’Sullivan, 32, met Terrell Ravon Reese after using an app that helps connects prisoners with pen pals.

The mother from the UK said she enjoyed reading the messages and poems Reese used to send after they first started communicating in October 2021. Over the phone, Reese proposed to Laura.

Laura’s mother and sister are now in favor of their relationship.

The 32-year-old intends to get married the following year. The only issue is that the wedding will have to be planned in a prison, and there will only be a small number of guests.

Laura, a mother of four, expressed her admiration for Reese’s “honesty and candor” regarding his criminal past. He admitted to her that his time in prison had changed him significantly.

For her eldest kid, who has autism, Laura is now arranging a part-time caretaker. She’s doing it to fulfill her desire to visit the US and meet Reese in person.

For his involvement in the killing of Justin Solomon, 19, Reese is currently serving a term that could last up to 40 years in prison.

According to reports, last year a Dutch woman engaged to a prisoner who won’t be released from a US prison in Oregon until 2032.

Social worker Kelly Jacobs began dating prisoner James Dentel after meeting him online. Kelly, who resides in Heerlen, Netherlands, thousands of kilometers away, has reportedly been receiving letters from Dentel. After Kelly started getting in touch with Dentel out of curiosity, the two clicked. But over time, their casual friendship expanded to include more than just written communication and online discussion.

Source: DailyRecord

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