11 brain-twistingly brilliant travel ideas that will help you save more

11 Brain-Twistingly Brilliant Travel Ideas That Will Help You Save More

Our team at RealShePower asked a number of seasoned travelers for their best advice on how to travel while saving money. And the information they provided was brain-twistingly brilliant. Don’t worry; we are here to share 11 unique travel ideas that will help you save more money.

1. Travel in off-season 

Everybody is aware of the price increases that occur while travelling around the holidays or during the busiest times of the year. Everything is significantly more expensive than expected, including hotel reservations, airfare, and even tour guide fees. You will be astonished by how much money you can save if you book a trip outside of peak travel times. Additionally, not many tourists are present. Therefore, always choose off-season travel if you want affordable hotels, food that costs less, and a quiet getaway with your friends.

2. Opt to stay in hostels and guesthouses

One of the cheapest types of lodging available worldwide is found in local guesthouses and hostels. So make the most of them. Hostelworld and Booking.com are our go-to search engines for finding inns and hostels.

Pro Tip: You are more likely to receive a better offer or discount if you stay longer at a hostel, guesthouse, or apartment rental than if you only do so for one or two nights. This is particularly accurate during the off-season.

3. Take overnight trains and buses

If you want to save money, take an overnight bus, train, or flight instead of paying for accommodations while you’re travelling. Do you also realise how much less expensive nighttime flights are than daytime ones? Find out the difference right away by doing some research. Search for a flight or a train on skyscanner, then compare the prices for the evening and the morning. You can thank us later 😉.

4. Whenever possible, go to a posh restaurant for lunch rather than dinner

Since lunch and brunch are typically less expensive than dinner, if you want to sometimes have a good restaurant meal, consider having it during lunch or brunch. Take advantage of the lunchtime specials.

5. Stay Connected with Free Apps

Use the multiple free messenger applications available instead of the international phone plan because there is practically always free wifi available. 

6. Avoid currency exchanges at airports

In general, airport exchange rates are the most expensive. Instead, locate the closest ATM and withdraw cash there. Typically, fees are lower.

7. Avoid purchasing souvenirs

Here are some reasons why you should not buy souvenirs:

  • With a different country’s name, these souvenirs essentially the same everywhere.
  • They will occupy significant space in your backpack.
  • In any case, they were probably made in China.
  • This is a multimillion dollar tourist trap industry! Don’t trap yourself.
  • Please know, even if you don’t buy anything for them, your friends and family will still adore you. Perhaps you should disown them if they don’t!
  • Lastly, you are paying for something that you might never look at or use again.

8. Bargain

So, don’t be afraid to use your negotiating talents to buy an item for less. Bargaining for goods, meals, and gifts is customary or expected in most countries. Don’t overdo the haggling, though. 

9. Free Walking Tours

Free walking tours are a fantastic way to experience a city’s culture without spending all of your money. The majority of populated areas, particularly in Europe, provide free walking tours. At the end of the tour, all you have to do is give the guide whatever you believe they deserve.

10. Stay For Free With Locals

Use hospitality exchange networks to stay in someone’s home for free. Hospitality exchanges are excellent methods to meet locals, learn more about a culture, make friends, and become a valuable member of a community in addition to saving money on lodging. Couchsurfing, Bewelcome and Global Freeloaders are some of the hospitality exchange networks that you can try.

11. Pack light: Don’t let your luggage become a burden.

Your freedom to go around and be as spontaneous and adventurous as you like increases when you carry less belongings with you. People who are carrying many bags or wheeled luggage cannot simply go on an impromptu trek, have a drink at a bar, or even go on a tour.

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