Deaf, Nonverbal, and Autistic Woman Found Safe After Three-Week Search

Deaf, Nonverbal, And Autistic Woman Found Safe After Three-Week Search
📷 Samantha Denise Primus was reported missing (NCPD)

The Primus family is reeling with relief and gratitude this weekend after an unimaginable three-week nightmare that should have never happened in the first place. Their beloved Samantha, who is deaf, nonverbal, and autistic, vanished over the Christmas holiday, leaving them to frantically search for her around the clock.

Samantha was found in Jamaica, taken to Queens Hospital Center, and then tragically released back onto the street with no means of returning home. “My sister was lost, found, and lost again,” Sophia Primus said tearfully at a press conference.

The family and their loved ones were consumed with worry and heartache as they desperately searched for any sign of Samantha, who was initially reported missing on December 23rd. She was found and taken to the hospital, but was then discharged the next day without any means of communicating her whereabouts.

The agonizing search for Samantha went on for weeks, with no end in sight. But finally, on Saturday, a Good Samaritan spotted Samantha, who was reportedly 10 pounds lighter and in need of help, riding the 1 train. The family’s emotional rollercoaster came to a successful conclusion, and they are now celebrating the safe return of their loved one.

As the days passed, the search for Primus grew increasingly desperate. Desperate for any sign of the missing woman, the police turned to the public for help. But when they finally found her, it was a heartbreaking sight. “She looked disoriented, tired, dehydrated,” said one of the women who spotted her. “She looked lost.” But despite the odds, Primus had survived. Jumping from train to train, she had held on to hope that she would make it home. And with the help and support of everyday people, she did.

But now, her family is demanding answers. How could this happen? How could a woman be lost and alone in a hospital system that is supposed to provide care and support? The hospital has released a statement claiming that they provide high-quality care to all their patients, but for Primus and her family, that’s not enough. They want to know how this happened and they won’t rest until they have the answers they deserve.

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