23-year-old girl wakes up in a male body: A hilarious and relatable story of struggles and awkward moments

23-Year-Old Girl Wakes Up In A Male Body: A Hilarious And Relatable Story Of Struggles And Awkward Moments

Yo, what’s up peeps? So, today I woke up and realized that I’m living in a nightmare. I’m a 23-year-old girl and I magically woke up in a male body. Can you even imagine? Like, what the actual F?

First things first, I had to check myself out in the mirror and let me tell you, I was not feeling it. My chest was gone, my hips were gone and my hair was gone. I was like “where did my curves go?” and “where did my hair go?” It was a shocker, to say the least.

Next thing I knew, I had to go to work and I was like “how am I going to pull this off?” I had to wear baggy clothes to hide my lack of curves and I had to tie my hair back to make it look like a man bun. It was not a good look, trust me.

But the real struggle came when I had to pee. Like, I had to go to the men’s room and I was like “I’m not going in there!” But I had to and let me tell you, it was not a pleasant experience. All the guys were staring at me and I was like “I don’t belong here!”

Another struggle that I faced was when I went out with my friends. They were like “dude, you look different” and I was like “I know, right?” I couldn’t tell them what had happened and I had to act like everything was normal. It was not normal, trust me.

But the worst part of all this was when I had to go on a date. Like, I had to go on a date with a girl and I was like “this is not happening!” But it did and let me tell you, it was the most awkward date ever. I had to pretend that I was into her and it was not a good time.

Overall, I’m not feeling this whole male body thing. I want to wake up as a girl again. Like, can someone please tell me what’s going on and how to fix this? Because, this is not a good time.

In conclusion, if you’re a girl and you’re reading this, be grateful for your curves and your hair. Because, trust me, it’s not fun being a guy. And if you’re a guy, be grateful for your peeing situation. Because, trust me, it’s not fun being a girl.

Peace out!

You Can Now Write For Rsp Magazine And Be A Part Of The Community. Click Here To Share Your Story.

You can now write for RSP Magazine and be a part of the community. Click here to share your story.

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