Harbhajan Kaur is a 94-yr-old woman who doesn’t think it’s too late to do a start-up

Harbhajan Kaur Is A 94-Yr-Old Woman Who Doesn’t Think It’s Too Late To Do A Start-Up
📷 Age is Just a Number: Meet Harbhajan Kaur, the 94-Year-Old Entrepreneurial Inspiration
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Four years down the line, Harbhajan Kaur turned 90, also the day when she expressed her desire to earn her own money. She confessed that she would want to earn a living on her merit. Hearing this her daughter came up with an idea: Food startup.

Unlike any other food joint, Harbhajan’s daughter was keen for her mother to make and sell an Indian sweet dish called “Besan Barfi.”

Her daughter recalls how in her childhood the dining table was always full of besan barfi. She said, “My mother is so talented in cooking, I remember we never went out to eat. She made everything at home – sweets, chocolates, etc.”. She further added, “Every winter, my mother used to make besan ki barfi for the entire family – our dining table used to be filled with barfi.” Besan ki barfi happens to be Harbhajan’s signature dish, anyone who tastes it is bound to remember its soft subtle sugary flavour and smooth texture that melts in the mouth on every bite.

This was it. The daughter found a way for her mother, Harbhajan, to fulfil the dream of earning her own money.

It’s been four years now and the Harbhajan’s (the entrepreneurial venture) is running successfully with more customers, increased revenue and a business model of “age is just a number”. You are never too late to live your dream, chase and fulfil the wishes you once envisioned; lead a life of contentment, success and pride.

Harbhajan Kaur is an inspiration to youth and old alike. Her journey charmed even the chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, who took to social media to express his awe and appreciation for the young at heart Harbhajan Kaur, who according to the tech giant deserves “entrepreneur of the year” award.

This one is for the spirit, the dream and the belief in oneself. This one is for the sweet entrepreneur Harbhajan Kaur.

Featured image source: Hindustan Times

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