Top 10 Hardest Countries To Get A Visa For (And Reasons Why)

Top 10 Hardest Countries To Get A Visa For (And Reasons Why)

You’ve probably heard that a lot of people travel to other countries these days. The world is getting smaller and smaller as technology advances, and it’s easier than ever for people to take trips abroad without having to worry about the difficulties that come with going overseas. One of the biggest challenges for those who want to visit a new country, however, is getting a visa from that country. It seems like it’s becoming more difficult with each passing day – which is why I thought I would share my list of the 10 of the hardest countries to get a visa for.

1. North Korea

Top 10 Hardest Countries To Get A Visa For (And Reasons Why)
The arch of triumph is larger than its parisian predecessor at 60 m (197 ft) high and 50 m (164 ft) wide. Built to commemorate kim il sung’s role in the korean resistance to japanese colonialism from 1925 to 1945, it was opened on his 70th birthday in 1982. It is built from white granite and decorated with various reliefs, inscriptions, and carvings. Source: tongiltours

It is almost impossible to get a visa to visit North Korea. The only way to enter the country is through a special tour group, and even then, you will be closely monitored by the government.

Citizens of South Korea or those holding American passports are not eligible for this country’s visa.

Even after receiving the visa, you won’t be able to do as much exploring as you’d like because it’s against the law to interact with the local people or disparage the leader of North Korea. You also shouldn’t go exploring on your own and you can’t leave the hotel alone.

2. Saudi Arabia

Top 10 Hardest Countries To Get A Visa For (And Reasons Why)
📷Kuwait, Saudi Arabia via Verdict

Saudi Arabia has very strict visa requirements. In order to get a visa, you must have an invitation from a Saudi citizen or company, and you must also be able to prove that you have enough financial resources to support yourself during your stay.

Moreover, if you’re a solo female traveller, you must have a sponsor who will be responsible for meeting you upon arrival. The sponsor is also required to keep your passport while you’re in the country.

Couples travelling together should be married.

In most cases, applications without a sponsor or a marriage certificate will be denied a visa.

Those who have Israeli stamps in their passports may also be denied entry.

3. Iran

Top 10 Hardest Countries To Get A Visa For (And Reasons Why)
📷 Naqsh-e Jahan Square in Isfahan via BookMundi

Iran has a complex visa application process, and it can be very difficult to get approved for a visa. Mostly because you must have a verification code before you can submit an application.

Note that while the authorisation code is granted by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you will need to apply for the code on your behalf through an official Iranian travel agency.

The process has not gotten any simpler with the introduction of eVisas.

Many nations can now apply for a visa on arrival, however if you are coming from India, especially if you have visited Israel within the last six months, a VoA won’t be an option for you.

There are also strict restrictions on what type of activities you can do while in the country.

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4. Bhutan

Top 10 Hardest Countries To Get A Visa For (And Reasons Why)
📷 Bhutan via TourMyIndia

Individual visas are not accepted by Bhutan unless you are travelling as part of a tour package. Only citizens of the following countries may apply for an individual visa to Bhutan:

  • India
  • Maldives
  • Bangladesh

For the rest of the world, Bhutan can only be visited with an all-inclusive package reserved through a travel agency in Bhutan. If you choose Bhutan, you won’t have to put much effort into trip planning while you’ll also promote extremely sustainable tourism. Each package costs between $250 and 350 USD per day and includes lodging, transportation, guides, and food. It should be noted that prices for packages change with the season.

5. Turkmenistan

Kunya Urgench
📷 Konye-Urgench, an ancient mausoleums in Turkmenistan via Caravanistan

The most difficult country for travellers to obtain a visa for is Turkmenistan. The explanation is straightforward: No country is permitted access without a visa into Turkmenistan. Only individuals from specific regions of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan qualify as exceptions. Balkan Region is visa-free for up to 5 days for inhabitants of the Atyrau and Mangystau regions of Kazakhstan. Certain regions of Uzbekistan’s citizens are permitted to travel for between three and seven days without a visa.

In addition to this, Turkmenistan require a letter of invitation for visa applications, with a small caveat that the letter must be issued by the Ministry of Tourism ONLY.

Upon arrival, visitors must fill out an immigration card, and they have three days to register with the State Service of Turkmenistan for the Registration of Foreign Nationals.

5. United States Of America


The United States is one of the hardest countries to get a visa for. There are a number of reasons for this.

First, the United States has strict requirements for who can apply for a visa. Applicants must be able to show that they have ties to their home country. This means that they must have a job or property in their home country that they will be returning to after their trip to the United States.

Second, the United States requires applicants to submit a lot of paperwork. They must fill out an application form and provide supporting documents such as proof of employment or school enrollment. They also need to provide fingerprints and photographs.

Third, Applicants must also undergo a background check and an interview at a U.S. consulate or embassy. During the interview, they will be asked about their reasons for wanting to visit the United States. They will also be asked about their employment history and education. The process can be time-consuming and expensive, and there is no guarantee that a visa will be granted.

Fourth, the United States has a long processing time for visa applications. It can take up to several months to get a decision on an application.

Fifth, the United States has strict quotas on the number of visas that are issued each year. This means that even if an applicant meets all the requirements, they may still not be able to get a visa due to the limited number of visas available

Overall, the United States is one of the hardest countries to get a visa for. The strict requirements and long processing time make it difficult for many people to get a visa.

6. Chad

Chad 2

Only 14 nations can go to Chad without a visa; everyone else must obtain one in order to do so.

Securing an invitation letter is one of the trickiest steps in the visa application procedure to Chad; you must have a sponsor or a hotel in the capital city of N’Djamena who will write the invitation letter for you.

If you don’t have a sponsor, you must reserve a hotel room in order to obtain this invitation letter, and you must pay the full, non-refundable charge in order to do so. This implies that your money will be forfeited if your visa application is denied.

Finding a consular office close to you is another difficult part of getting a visa for Chad; for instance, if you are from the UK, you must apply for a visa in Paris. Even if you obtain a visa after entering, you must register with the police within 72 hours, and some people have claimed in internet discussion boards that they had to pay additional fees to enter the country.

7. China

📷 Guangxi, China via Wego

The Chinese government is notoriously difficult to deal with when it comes to visas. While many passport holders can travel to China visa-free for a period of 72-hours, a longer stay requires a proper visa. This can be incredibly tedious to obtain. They have a very complicated application process, and often require extensive documentation.

In addition, the Chinese government is known to frequently reject visa applications without giving a reason. If you want to visit China, be prepared for a long and frustrating process and we suggest, you apply at least 2-3 months before your trip. 

8. Russia

📷 russia

Even the ten most powerful passports in the world require a visa to enter Russia; it is not a country that grants visa-free travel to just anyone. Moreover, the procedure itself takes a very lengthy time. Among other things, be ready to state the beginning and ending dates of every journey you’ve taken in the last ten years.

9. Eritrea

📷 Eritrea via The Digital Globetrotter

Only Ugandan nationals are allowed entry without a visa. However, people of Sudan and Ethiopia are permitted to get visas when they arrive. The rest of the world needs a visa.

You must have definite travel plans, passports, application forms, and photos to get a visa to travel the country.

10. Pakistan

Lahore Fort
📷 Lahore Fort via Culture Trip

Travelers must first locate a sponsor in order to enter Pakistan. They could be a local person the traveller knows or they could be a tour operator. The sponsor must submit an official letter of invitation together with all the necessary information regarding his relationship with the traveller and the purpose of the trip.

If you are planning on traveling to one of these 10 countries, it is important to start the visa application process as early as possible. The sooner you start, the better your chances will be of getting approved for a visa.

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