Hooping And Flowing In A Saree Like A Pro

Hooping And Flowing In A Saree Like A Pro

Eshna Kutty is a 23-year-old a hula hoop artist who has created a social media stir with her effortless dancing skills wrapped around 9 yards of saree.

Business Tycoon, Anand Mahindra too was “awestruck” with the video. He wrote on his Twitter handle, “A star is born…Thank you for the #Friday high. May the #sareeflow movement grow…”

#sareeflow is a movement to normalise wearing saree among youth, to take away stress associated with carrying and performing daily activities in the traditional attire.

The artist, Eshna Kutty, started this movement with her flawless fun video. She shared it on Instagram where she wrote, “the intention was… to feel so comfortable and happy wearing it without the pressure of being a delicate lady… Theres so much diversity in our cultures and even in our sarees that I hoped this trend would add a very unique twist to a global art form. Or visa versa- that you’d want to get yourself a hoop because you secretly want to dress up to goof around.”

Let’s groove and flow in saree like Eshna.

Featured image: Mid Day

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