How to make your days colourful with these 6 dresses?

How To Make Your Days Colourful With These 6 Dresses?

My hair tied in a bun because of the apparent heat. I am wearing my comfortable dhoti pants and a  blue chikan Kurti which is making me both comfortable and happy! The bare truth is working in summer is a struggle itself, and sometimes it can be very frustrating. Imagine you are working at office for hours and your clothes are stuck to your body because of the heat?! Ugh, no one wants to feel that right?

If you want to go for something stylish and comfortable, then the best thing for you is to go for a sleeveless dress. The simple attire does not just work instantly to groove your looks but also a perfectly comfortable, breezy vibe. So if you need to stock up your closet with relaxed summer wear, then grab these six sleeveless dresses that will keep you on the point. From colorful stripes, florals and polka dots, and breezy whites, you have terrific options to choose from.

To make it easier for you, I have also made a weekly roundup of dresses that you can wear depending upon your mood. 

Go stripes on a Monday :

Mondays are usually gloomy and with huge workloads and deadlines to complete. I think the best way to handle the burden is to wear a cool dress. You can wear stripes like a pro. The sleeveless dress features a high neck with zippered detail, mid-cut, and bodycon fit. You can team with some cool sneakers and go comfortable.

Go florals on a Tuesday:

The best thing about florals is that they go well with any season, be it spring or summer. You can wear it in the summer and give a beautiful look. The gorgeous florals would not only give you a chic look but would also make you stand out. Try white hues with colorful floral prints, and it will keep you on point.

Polka dresses on a Wednesday:

Maxi dresses work perfectly with polka dots and give retro vibes. Polka dots all over gives a soft and feminine look. The ruffled neckline makes it perfect for a summer look. A sleeveless maxi dress would give you a classic look on a Wednesday.

Go red on a Thursday:

If you want to keep it simple, then go for a red dress with floral prints, and don’t forget to wear a waist belt to make a sporting look. The sleeveless outfit features floral prints all over and thus making your look both sassy and trendy.

A sleeveless yellow dress on a Friday:

A yellow dress with front pockets is a must on your wardrobe. You can pick up a pretty dress and amp up your summer look. If it has creases and waist belt then works perfectly well for a summer look.

Go white on a Saturday:

White is back again. A simple white dress can do magic and some real wonders. Putting everything aside, one should always have a white dress in their wardrobe. The sleeveless white dress, which features A-line fit with chic laced detail.

Wrapping up:

On second thoughts, although I am in love with my comfortable pajamas, I think I should just put on a white dress and ditch salwar and churidars for a while to get a boho look in the summer. We know with covid, a lot of us are going through a tough phase and we hope it soon ends.

Written by Poonam Chatterjee

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