9 Simple Exercises To Improve Your Memory By 90%

9 Simple Exercises To Improve Your Memory By 90%
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Consider this: nowadays, a lot of individuals are obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle. They consume healthy foods, exercise at the gym, and all that jazz. They often overlook the fact that our brains require exercise as well. Especially if you’ve begun to experience more frequent memory lapses. So, if people keep telling you that you have the memory of a goldfish, don’t be alarmed! Simply try these nine exercises to improve your memory by 90%.

1. Read books aloud

In 2017, the University of Waterloo invited 95 people to read silently, listen to someone else read, listen to a recording of themselves reading, and read out loud in real-time. Later, participants were instructed to repeat words.

Following that, participants were required to repeat words they had read. It came out that the group that read aloud to themselves had the best word recall. When you talk and hear yourself speak at the same time, the brain is assisted in storing knowledge.

You may try switching to audiobooks. Listening to them engages the imagination and brain regions differently than quiet reading.

2. During daily activities, switch hands

Only 1% of the world’s population does not have a dominant hand. Everyone else writes, cuts food, paints, and so on with either the right or left hand. However, switching to your “other hand” will develop neuronal connections in your brain, sharpening your cognition and memory. Brush your teeth, clean, or wash the dishes with your opposite hand. It may appear difficult at first, but through tweaking, you will provide your brain with the ideal kind of stimulation. Simply continue doing this workout on a daily basis.

3. Increase your heart rate three times per week

Regular aerobic exercise may help to expand the size of the hippocampus the area of the brain responsible for converting knowledge into new memories. A 2011 study backs up the assumption that exercising has a good impact on our memory. Aerobic exercises that raise your heart rate, according to the study, help the brain store long-term memories. But if going out to the gym isn’t your thing, you can achieve a similar effect by taking a brisk walk for 20 minutes three times a week!

4. Put on earplugs to improve your memory by 90%

Blocking a main sensory route with plugs helps to revitalize the way our brain works. Because we only listen half-heartedly when we go about our daily lives since we know what to expect. Experiencing the environment without sound improves our cognitive capacities, particularly memory.

5. Make word pictures and crossword puzzles

This is, without a doubt, the simplest exercise that you can do anywhere, such as when you’re on public transportation or waiting in line at the grocery store. Think of any word you choose and envision how it would be spelled in your head. Once you’ve completed this task, attempt to think of any more words (as many as you can) that begin or end with the same two letters as your initial word. This type of mind game requires your brain to be active and smart.

6. Perform the four-detail observation task

This is referred to by scientists as “passive memory training.” All you have to do is pay attention to any four details about someone you meet over the course of the day and then remember them later. For instance, notice the barista who made your coffee. He or she might have had dark hair, a gold watch, a beauty spot on their right cheek, and a yellow t-shirt on. Begin by noting these small things on just one person per day, and gradually increase or add more details to your recall.

The problem is that when we go about our daily lives, we fail to notice as much as we should, thereby neglecting to receive information. Furthermore, being more aware of the people around you is a valuable social skill.

You are halfway on the path to improving your memory by 90%. Keep reading.

Laugh To Improve Memory

7. Play some music

If you need to cram for a test or read and write, do it with a lovely background. Music aids our brain’s ability to retain knowledge. It’s ideal to create a playlist with some of your favorite instrumental melodies because songs with lyrics might be distracting. It may interfere with the process of remembering. If you’re a big music fan, you should think about learning to play an instrument. This type of action not only improves your memory but also relieves tension and makes you wiser.

8. Make a fist to see the magic of improved memory

That’s all there is to it! When Montclair State University psychologists conducted an experiment in 2013, according to their findings, squeezing the right hand for 90 seconds improved memory. Doing the same with your left hand can help with memory recall. In the aforementioned study, 50 participants were asked to recall terms from a long list. The subjects who performed these motions had higher word recall. The researchers believe that clenching one’s fist activates specific brain areas involved in-memory processing.

9. Have a fantastic time laughing

If you frequently forget where you put your keys or phone, sometimes all you need is a quick chuckle session. At least, this is what the findings of a 2012 investigation at Loma Linda University suggest. Researchers had two sets of individuals, each of which had an average age of 74. The first group had to watch a 20-minute comedy, whereas the second had to view a video with no humor. Laughter reduces cortisol levels, a stress hormone that can have a harmful influence. As a result, the first group in that experiment performed much better in delayed memory and visual recognition later. Never pass up an opportunity to laugh!

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