Unprecedented Escalation as Israel Faces Thousands of Hamas Rockets in New State of War

Unprecedented Escalation As Israel Faces Thousands Of Hamas Rockets In New State Of War

Israel announced it was in a state of war today after experiencing a deluge of rocket attacks from Hamas, the militant group. This escalation is the latest chapter in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, characterized by a significant spike in violence in recent months. The level of fatalities in the occupied West Bank is at a peak that hasn’t been witnessed in several years.

The militants’ approach has shifted. Southern Israeli towns are now seeing Hamas members arriving on motorcycles, SUVs, and even paragliders, a strategy not previously deployed. Videos are making rounds on social media platforms, displaying attacks on civilians in these areas.

A resident of Sderot captured one such horrifying moment. The footage reveals Hamas operatives shooting at cars driving by. The resident, who filmed the attack from his terrace, was forced to quickly seek cover when one of the attackers turned towards him.

International human rights lawyer Arsen Ostrovsky shared this disturbing video on platform X.

Footage emerging from Gaza depicted a similarly grim scene – the bodies of Israeli soldiers being paraded through the streets, a display of victory by the militants.

This spike in violence came in the wake of a statement by Hamas, the governing authority of Gaza. The group asserted the necessity of establishing a boundary to end the occupation. They accused Israel of ongoing crimes on Palestinian territories, particularly highlighting the holy site of Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem.

Mohamed Deif, a leader within the militant group, delivered a pre-recorded message announcing the commencement of “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood”. In his statement, Deif emphasized the group’s determination to bring an end to the Israeli actions they deemed reckless. He conveyed a stern warning to Israel, stating that the initial onslaught of over 5,000 missiles and shells within the initial 20 minutes was just the beginning.

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