It’s time the world discovered some new adjectives to describe a woman

It’s Time The World Discovered Some New Adjectives To Describe A Woman
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What is the first thing that people think of when they see a young woman or a little girl? What is the usual complement that we women receive or don’t receive? Why are we dressed up in pink ribbons? What are the usual adjectives you would ascribe to a woman?

Gorgeous, Attractive, Beautiful, Pretty, Cute, Stunning, Hot, Sexy, isn’t it.

Well, it’s time the world discovered some new adjectives. An ode to all the fabulous women in the world!

If I Were A Word

If I were a word,

What would I be?

Quixotic Or Unapologetic;

Reliable Or Eccentric?

Rambunctious, boisterous or aggravating.

For that matter, I could also be

Phenomenal, exceptional, scintillating, dedicated or daring.

You could call me

Ballsy or antsy

Stubborn or egoistic

Independent and Self reliant

Zealous or Inspiring.

My mum thinks I am loyal

Dad says I’m loving

My brother calls me dominating

Very rarely understanding:

All depending on the kind of conversation we are having.

My bestie calls me nasty

Sometimes Snooty, Tactless, Cantankerous

With the manners of a Hippopotamus,

But even she agrees that I am a loyalist;

So many words this language contains

That are so me

Diplomatic drastic, always enthusiastic;

A little overzealous but fantabulously fantastic;

Fighter, shooter or wannabe writer.

So many words so many things.

That I can be:

So why should I choose

To be

Just pretty.

Featured image: Gemma Chua-Tran/Unsplash

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