Justice for Lavanya: 12-year-old Killed Herself After Being Pressurized To Convert To Christianity By School Authorities

Justice For Lavanya: 12-Year-Old Killed Herself After Being Pressurized To Convert To Christianity By School Authorities

A 12-year-old girl’s life comes to an end after a missionary school allegedly pressured her to convert to Christianity in order to continue her studies.

M Lavanya, a 12th-grade student at Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, Thirukattupali in Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, committed suicide after allegedly being tortured by school officials for refusing to convert to Christianity. According to reports, the school told her that if she wanted to continue her studies, she needed to convert to Christianity.

On social media, a video of Lavanya’s cry for aid was shared, in which she was seen in an incoherent state talking about her ordeal. “My name is Lavanya,” the video states in Tamil. In my presence, they (the school) had asked my parents whether they might convert me to Christianity and assist her with her studies. They continued to chastise me when I refused.” She also cited a woman called Rachael Mary as the suspected torturer.

On January 17, Lavanya’s relatives demonstrated in front of the Thirukattupalli police station, demanding that strict action must be taken against the school. They said Lavanya ate pesticide after being pushed to convert by dormitory warden Sagayamary.

Deaths as a result of targeted Hindu conversions are common, yet the mainstream media refuses to report on them. A 15-year-old kid died in Tripura in 2019 after being violently abused by a hostel warden for refusing forced conversion to Christianity. Also in Tamil Nadu, an activist was brutally slain after attempting to stop Muslim organisations from forcibly converting Hindus.


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