Let’s talk: Do you communicate whatever you are feeling?

Let’S Talk: Do You Communicate Whatever You Are Feeling?

Hey! Today let’s talk about communications. To be honest, isn’t that what I am doing when I am writing blogs! I am communicating my thoughts with you. So what we are taught in school is “the means and modes of communication.” But what remains unnoticed is how the letters sent through pigeons soon turned into posts and stories on Snapchat, Instagram, and all other platforms (basically PIGEONS turned into SMARTPHONES).

Now let’s go back again. What’s missing? Maybe a simple “Sorry” or “Thank You” or “All the Best” or “Congratulations” to those around us who may deserve these words. Have you ever thanked your milkman for being there everyday in all types of weather? Have you said sorry to your closest ones, your parents, friends, or maybe grandparents? Have you said all the best to those going for all kinds of exams? Have you said congratulations to those who have really achieved something?

OK, wait! I am not judging you. We are probably sailing in the same boat. In all the sentences above, I used a word “SAID”, I never used the word “FELT”. Feeling it and actually communicating it with feelings are two different aspects. Take a pause, ask yourself what you’re feeling, and speak. Don’t allow the unspoken words to control you.

The worst part is that I have to use a “Platform”, post a story, maybe to communicate what I feel. But the best part is that I am trying to communicate what I feel, not letting the unspoken words control me. Maybe I will turn the platforms into pigeons carrying my letters addressed to you!

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