Manchester: 14-year-old boy arrested after a woman raped at nightclub

Manchester: 14-Year-Old Boy Arrested After A Woman Raped At Nightclub
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Summary: Boy, 14, detained after “lady raped in nightclub restroom.” According to reports, the “security workers left them together in cubicle.” The licence for the Gay Village club has now been suspended pending a thorough assessment.

Around 4.15 am, a woman and her friends claimed they were approached by a teenager who was trying to sell them drugs. The adolescent then allegedly went into the men’s restroom with the woman.

The victim allegedly experienced a rape inside one of the cubicles.

About twenty minutes later, the woman contacted her friends to ask for assistance, and they then informed the club employees.

The boy was discovered and detained by security personnel outside the venue, but was released when the victim decided not to call the police, according to a police complaint.

However, at around five in the morning, one of the victim’s friends called the police to report the alleged rape, and police then showed up to the nightclub.

Police said the 14-year-old boy was detained for questioning after being arrested on rape suspicion and later freed on bail.

Detectives think the kid entered the club using a fake ID, PC Stuart Hammersley said during a licencing hearing on Friday, according to Manchester Evening News.

Additionally, officers were informed that a security person entered the restrooms, knocked on a cubicle, and noticed there were two people inside before leaving without doing anything.

The licence for the Gay Village club has now been suspended pending a thorough assessment.

After security located and detained the adolescent outside the premises, PC Hammersley expressed his shock that the nightclub had not contacted the police.

Stephanie Williams, a lawyer for the nightclub, stated during the hearing that the establishment “understands the significance of what transpired” and is doing a “complete investigation.”

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