Mother Killed Her Mentally ill Daughter In Mumbai

Mother Killed Her Mentally Ill Daughter In Mumbai
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A 41-year-old mother was arrested in Mumbai on Thursday for reportedly murdering her 19-year-old mentally ill daughter at their Andheri (east) home and making it appear as if she killed herself. The mother reportedly told the police that she was frustrated with her daughter, who required constant attention.

The murder allegedly occurred on the second floor of a building on the Sahar Road in Parsiwada on Wednesday. Shradha Suresh, 41, is a mother of three daughters who lives with her husband. Vaishnavi, the couple’s eldest daughter, died at the age of 19. The other two daughters are 16 and two years old.

When the police arrived at the house, they discovered Vaishnavi unconscious in the hallway with her parents by her side. The police transported her to the Cooper Hospital. Before admission, the doctor examined her and pronounced her dead.

When the doctor performed the post-mortem, the cops thought something was wrong. A mentally ill person, according to the expert, would find it impossible to take such a move. The Andheri police interrogated Shradha for a long time, and she eventually broke down and admitted to strangling her daughter with a belt while she was alone at home.

“The mother indicated the entire family was depressed owing to the girl’s condition,” a police officer added. Shradha used to make a living selling breakfast things, but she stopped doing it a long time ago. Shradha’s spouse works in the hospitality industry, but he doesn’t make a lot of money.”

A murder case has been filed under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. Shradha will appear in court on Thursday, where the police will demand her detention for further questioning. According to the police, no one else has been identified to be involved in the murder so far in their investigations.

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