Mother threw her 4-yr-old daughter from 4th floor

Mother Threw Her 4-Yr-Old Daughter From 4Th Floor
đź“· Mother seen throwing her child from the fourth floor apartment

A Bengaluru woman seen throwing her four-year-old daughter from the fourth floor of an apartment complex in a widely-circulated video has been arrested on murder charges, police said on Friday.

In an upsetting CCTV footage, a mother can be seen hurling her four-year-old kid off the balcony.

The mother threw the child, climbed the railings, and stood there for a brief period of time until family members ran outside, pulled her back, and pin her to the ground.

The child died on the spot.

According to the police, the four-year-old girl had a hearing and speech impairment. Apparently this made the woman depressed.

“We are looking into all angles…about the mother’s mental health as well,” senior police officer Srinivas Gowda said.

Sushma who is a dentist and her husband Kiran, an engineer have been married for 12 years and had a daughter Dhruthi who had speech impairment for the past two years. She was under medication and her mother was reportedly upset about it.

The mother was taken into custody after her husband Kiran reported her to the police.

Previously, Sushma attempted to leave her child behind at a train station a few months back. According to the police, the child was saved because the father hurried to the station, with the help of the child helpline members he tracked down his daughter near Hassan, and brought her home.

The police said, “But the father didn’t complain about her after the incident.”


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