These 4 Myths About PMS Just Can’t Be True

These 4 Myths About Pms Just Can’T Be True

Due to the increasing popularity of the internet, there are more and more myths about PMS that range from the fact that certain foods can increase your period’s duration, to why you might bleed too much for a woman, to the idea that estrogen can help with acne. In this article, we will go over four of these myths that cannot be true or are not necessarily true.

Myth 1: PMS is caused by a hormone imbalance

The truth is that PMS is not caused by a hormone imbalance. Hormonal changes in your body happen naturally with menstruation. In fact, the change from menses to menopause can be some very uncomfortable times for some women. The idea that PMS is caused by a hormone imbalance just helps perpetuate ignorance and misinformation about these health concerns.

Myth 2: PMS causes mood swings

It’s true that PMS does cause mood swings. But it shouldn’t be taken out of context. Mood swings are a temporary symptom, not a permanent condition. The good news is that mood swings don’t have to last forever.

Myth 3: PMS always comes before your period

It is not always true that PMS comes before your period. In fact, a report released by the American Council on Science and Health, found that PMS can come at any time of the month.

Myth 4: You can make your period lighter or longer depending on the kind of food you eat

One of the most common myths about PMS is that you can make your period lighter or longer depending on what food you eat. The idea is that eating certain foods can cause your period to come sooner or last longer, but there’s no evidence to support this claim.

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