Anticipation Peaks as Netweb Technologies Gears Up for IPO Share Allocation

Anticipation Peaks As Netweb Technologies Gears Up For Ipo Share Allocation

Today is an eagerly anticipated day in the financial markets, as the finalisation of share allocation for the initial public offering (IPO) of Netweb Technologies is expected to be announced. The IPO allotment of this leading tech company has been the talk of the financial world, and its culmination on this day, 24th July 2023, is predicted by market insiders.

As soon as the IPO allotment of Netweb Technologies is declared, investors can check the status of their bids on the official websites of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) or Link Intime India Private Ltd, the officially appointed registrar of the IPO. The anticipation is palpable, and investors are eager to know the results of their bids.

In the run-up to the IPO allotment, Netweb Technologies has seen positive trends in the grey market. As of today, Netweb Technologies shares are available at a grey market premium (GMP) of ₹368 per share, which is ₹8 higher than the GMP of the public issue on weekends. Despite the ongoing weakness on Dalal Street, this rise in grey market sentiment is indicative of the strength of Netweb Technologies’ public offering in the unlisted stock market.

Given today’s GMP of ₹368, grey market participants expect the IPO listing price of Netweb Technologies to be around ₹868 ( ₹500 + ₹368). This estimated listing price represents a significant 75% increase from Netweb Technologies’ IPO price band of ₹475 to ₹500 per equity share, indicating strong confidence in the company’s market value.

As the allotment announcement looms, investors are wondering how to check the status of their bids. Here are the step-by-step procedures:

Netweb Technologies IPO Allotment Status Check via BSE:

  1. Visit the BSE link:
  2. Select Netweb Technologies IPO.
  3. Enter your application number for Netweb Technologies IPO.
  4. Input your PAN details.
  5. Confirm that ‘I’m not a robot.’
  6. Click the ‘Submit’ button.

Following these steps, investors will be able to view the status of their Netweb Technologies IPO allotment on their device screen.

Netweb Technologies IPO Allotment Status Check via Link Intime:

  1. Visit Link Intime’s website:
  2. Select Netweb Technologies IPO.
  3. Enter your PAN details.
  4. Click the ‘Search’ option.

Once again, investors will be able to see their allotment status on their device screens after following these instructions.

As we await the announcement, the atmosphere is one of anticipation and excitement. The strong performance of Netweb Technologies in the grey market signals positive investor sentiment, and it remains to be seen how the IPO allotment plays out. It’s a crucial moment for both Netweb Technologies and its investors, and we’re poised on the edge of our seats, waiting to see how this chapter of the tech giant’s story unfolds.

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