Nika Shakarami, 17, found dead in Iran with her nose smashed and skull broken

Nika Shakarami, 17, Found Dead In Iran With Her Nose Smashed And Skull Broken
📷 Nika Shakarami reportedly said she was evading security forces in her last phone conversation to a friend. (Image: Twitter photo)
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The body of a girl who went missing during anti-hijab protests nine days ago has been returned to her family by security forces. Nika Shakarami was identified as the victim (17). According to Nika’s family, her body had suspicious wounds, including a broken skull and a smashed nose, caused by repeated blows.

Nika Shakarami participated in demonstrations on Tehran’s Keshavarz Boulevard on September 20. The Telegraph reports that Nika Shakarami, in her last phone conversation with a friend, said she was evading security forces.

Her relatives looked for her in every jail, detention facility, police station, and even Kahrizak’s forensics department. Finally, on September 29, the Shakarami family received word from the police that a person with resemblance had been found in Kahrizak forensics.

Authorities reportedly told her family that she had fallen from a height. On the other hand, her uncle thought the pictures they were shown were strange. When the Shakarami family arrived to identify the deceased, they were not permitted to see her head. The media reports suggest Nika suffered from suspicious wounds. She had a broken nose. Her skull had endured several blows from a large instrument, maybe a hammer.

Like many other families, the Shakaramis have received threats and instructions not to conduct a memorial service for their deceased daughter.

Protests are now taking place in 164 cities across Iran’s 31 provinces. According to reports, 15,000 demonstrators have been detained and arrested.

At least 83 people have died as a result of the crackdown, according to the Iran Human Rights Organization. Amnesty International has confirmed 52 killings, but Iran’s Fars news agency has reported “around 60” people killed.

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