Of Wishes & Dreams

Of Wishes & Dreams



Dear daughter,

I wish to see you crawl and giggle on all fours,

And as you grow, dash through the racecourse.

I wish you never grew up, and stayed the same forever,

For those innocent beady eyes, fail not, to rob me of my anger.

Don’t worry about those broken vases,

That you broke while trying to pluck those scarlet flowers,

Those pieces will serve as a memoir of your mischievous phases,

But wish I could capture your heart, the way moments a diary preserves.

Run, fight and play like them, like a man, like a woman,

For I learnt from your mother, gender does not matter.

Dream as long as you can, till you realize your ambition,

And once you set your eyes on it, do not fall back and give up, ever.

Do not let the teenager vibes overwhelm your rational views,

For there exist facades, who vanish when you’re in need, without a cue.

And don’t let your setbacks define whom you truly are,

For you’ve been destined, to cast hope like a golden star.

I won’t want you to be a science geek or a math ace,

For I want you to be, a savior of honesty’s grace,

To be the one who understands the needs of humanity,

And puts others in front of self, like a mother would for her baby.

The world’s exciting,

But equally deceiving.

Be careful with whom you bestow your trust,

For to truly know someone, you’ll have to look underneath the crust.

I do not wish to preach,

And sound like delivering speeches.

It reminds me of the days when I argued with my parents,

And those, when I used to overlook them when with friends.

I cannot help but preach,

Your will to defy normalcy,

Shall knock you down and drain your energy,

For this world is a double-edged sword, you see.

But with every hit getting stronger and testing times getting longer,

You shall realize, it’s harder for them to beat your willpower.

Feel free to be who you want to be, and never try to fit in,

As no one but you have the right to shape your identity.

Keep the candle alight,

For when you fight,

Waiting for thy,

Will be light.

And girl, never pray for time to rush by,

For you might never know, the pace at which it flies.

Yes, it’s notorious for being slow at the tough times,

And when you enjoy moments, as fast as a stealthy feline.

But what you should know, it’s just an illusion,

For when you use it wisely, it’s your strongest weapon.

From wailing in your mother’s lap,

To punching on my chest when in my hands,

Every piece of your tantrums is scattered across the memory lane’s map,

Only to meet you, when you lose yourself in many a daydream’s fairyland.

No matter how murky the waters get,

Do not lose yourself and be confident,

For even the worst nightmares, with time you shall forget,

And hold your guard, for there are some ready with a hatchet.

It hurts me to say, like being pierced by an arrow,

There will arrive a time, where we’ll have to go,

Don’t worry; you will understand it as you grow,

Nothing lasts forever, not even the sun’s yellow glow.

Despite the years scripting myriad of memories,

It’s only in your absence, or when you’re shedding tears, I search them for,

Because I will prefer you over a thousand treasuries,

For nothing matters more to me than you, be it one of them, a son or a daughter.

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