This Optical Illusion Reveals Whether You’re Brainy Or Creative

This Optical Illusion Reveals Whether You’Re Brainy Or Creative

An online video quiz that has gone viral claims to correctly measure a person’s personality—but only if they answer the questions truthfully. The optical illusion image in the video has a variety of appearances depending on who you ask. In contrast to other optical illusions that manipulate people’s perceptions by fooling and tricking them, this one reveals a person’s personality.

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In an image posted by TikTok user @thesanzworld, two mirror copies of a face with a raised eyebrow and a smile are shown.

The user of TikTok wrote in the post: “This is a pretty entertaining, interesting personality test.” Answer honestly: which face looks happier, the one on the left (Image 1), or the one on the right (Image 2). 

Take a close look at the picture and tell us, which face do you think is happier?

Optical Illusion

According to the post, you may be more on the rational side of things if you believe that the left face appears to be cheerful. “You have a very logical and realistic approach to life, your brain overrules your heart,” as reported by the UK-based media site The Sun.

On the other hand, if you believe that the right face appears joyful, you are likely a lot more relaxed. This also implies that the individual is attentive, thoughtful, and intuitive. You might have an overactive imagination that sometimes gets the better of you, and you enjoy coming up with original ways to express yourself.

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Our brain is made up of two hemispheres, each with their own functions. The left side of the brain is responsible for logic, language, and detailed reasoning, while the right side is more creative and expressive. If you’re more right-brain dominant, your eyes are likely to be drawn to the colors in the illusion. If you’re left-brain dominant, then your eyes will go to the shapes instead.

As for this optical illusion, mankind has always been fascinated with personality quizzes. And while they can be fun and generate lots of discussion, we must remember that they are not concreate facts. But when a quiz goes viral, as this one has, it’s hard to ignore.

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