8 Psychological Reasons For Cheating In A Relationship

8 Psychological Reasons For Cheating In A Relationship

We’ve all heard the statistic that around 50% of married couples cheat. It’s not news, but how do we let ourselves succumb to temptation? Today I’m going to go over 8 psychological reasons for cheating in a relationship.

Psychological Reasons to Cheat

Cheating is a personal choice and most people do it for different reasons. That makes sense, but if you are cheating, there are certain psychological reasons for cheating that might be pushing you towards it. In this case, we’re talking about the things that give us an excuse to cheat and the ways in which we justify our actions when we do.

Here are five different confessions of a people who have cheated in a relationship

  1. I wanted to get my partner’s attention and it felt good to be desired.
  2. They said the relationship was going well, so it seemed like it was worth it.
  3. I wanted him to see that he is not the only one who can have sex and have fun.
  4. I wanted him to see that I am more than just a girlfriend/boyfriend role for him.
  5. We were making progress with our issues but then he cheated on me out of nowhere, which made me feel like I failed at this relationship and we weren’t really getting anywhere with each other, so I did the same.
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Exploitation and the Longing for Connection Often Lead Them To Cheat

Emotional infidelity can be very damaging to the relationship of a couple. Not only do people in a relationship feel a sense of shame and guilt towards their partner, but they also may tend to unconsciously seek connection with other people who provide them with the attention that the current partner does not. Research has shown that people often cheat for the sake of feeling in control and like they are somebody else.

And More…

The 3 most common reasons are emotional attachments to the affair partner, an insatiable need for more intimacy and a lack of coping skills in the area of personal relationships.

Conclusion: How do we decrease its prevalence?

There are ways to prevent infidelity, such as having open communication and honest discussions about expectations, giving opportunities for growth and learning, and providing balance in one’s life. It is important for everyone, including spouses and partners, to understand the cues so that they can make better decisions about their relationships.

Focus on what you want for yourself and what your partner wants for both of you.

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