Paola Schietekat raped, sentenced to 100 lashes and prison time in Qatar

Paola Schietekat Raped, Sentenced To 100 Lashes And Prison Time In Qatar
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An economist and anthropologist is facing a sentence of up to seven years in prison and 100 lashes after reporting sexual abuse while working in Qatar,

Paola Schietekat said she was raped and threatened to be killed by a guy while working as part of the organising committee for the 2022 World Cup.

Schietekat told Newsweek, an acquaintance from the local Latino community entered her apartment and assaulted her, leaving her left arm, shoulder and back covered in bruises.

After acquiring a medical certificate, Schietekat informed the local police and the Mexican consul in Qatar about the occurrence. She was summoned to the police station at 9 p.m., where she claimed the suspected assailant was introduced to her.

“It was three hours of interrogation in Arabic, and at a certain point, they demanded a virginity test,” Schietekat wrote. “For some reason, I had become the accused.”

Instead of investigating the complaint or protecting Schietekat, Qatari officials accused her of extramarital affairs and sentenced her to this term.

Schietekat’s sentence has not been served since she left Doha, but she is unable to return to what she regarded as her dream job.

Mexican lawyers suggested to Schietekat that she marry her alleged aggressor to avoid being prosecuted. Schietekar declined the offer and fled the country, but she is still facing prosecution in Qatar.

On March 6, punishment might be handed down, with the law indicating that she could receive 100 lashes and up to seven years in prison.

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