Sexist Comments Women Face Every Day

Sexist Comments Women Face Every Day
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Rora Blue shared her “Handle With Care” series on Instagram, which depicts insulting remarks that many young women hear. The goal, she stated, is to bring attention to the sexism and pressure that women endure on a daily basis.

You belong in the kitchen,” for example, to more subtle ones like “who did you get all dressed up for?” Rora successfully captures how painful these little jabs can be. They could come from a well-intentioned family member (“What made you decide to shave your head? Longer is better for boys) or from a victim-blaming friend ( “(Can you tell me what you were wearing?). They could be so small that you don’t see them straight away, or they could be so large that you have to stop in your tracks. Whatever it is, it has been heard by all young ladies around the world.

Rora urged individuals to write comments on her Instagram with their own sexist experiences, which helped to grow the initiative. It’s not only a reflection of how girls and women are treated, but it’s also a way for them to express themselves.

You hit like a lady,” “you’re attractive, but you should smile more,” “you were drunk, what did you expect,” and “he’s cruel to you because he likes you” are among the comments.

If you’re someone who has been told that because you have short hair, boys won’t like you? Or have been asked if you’re upset because you’re on your period? Then you’ll enjoy this artist’s latest endeavour. Don’t forget to check it out.

Written by Dhriti Chaturvedi

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