From Small Seed to Legal Giant: Shreya Neeraj Sharma’s Story of Building a Million-Dollar Legal Platform

From Small Seed To Legal Giant: Shreya Neeraj Sharma’S Story Of Building A Million-Dollar Legal Platform

From a room in her Pune home to a thriving legal platform, Shreya Neeraj Sharma’s story is one of grit, determination, and a passion for simplifying the legal landscape for all. This 25-year-old powerhouse CEO turned an initial investment of just Rs. 4.5 lakh into a company with a staggering turnover of Rs. 1.5 crore in just two years – Rest The Case (RTC).

Bridging the Gap:

Recognizing the difficulty people face in finding the right lawyer, Shreya created RTC, an online platform connecting individuals with verified lawyers across India. With a team of 15 and over 1500 lawyers on board, RTC empowers users to:

  • Connect with the right lawyer: Search and contact lawyers based on expertise, location, and client reviews.
  • Free legal advice: Get initial guidance on various legal matters before consulting a lawyer.
  • Online consultations: Schedule video or audio consultations with lawyers for convenient and confidential discussions.
  • Legal knowledge hub: Access easy-to-understand legal guides and stay updated on the latest legal news.

From Brochures to Big Dreams:

Shreya’s journey started not in a swanky office, but in her own home. With just one employee, she tirelessly reached out to lawyers, overcoming skepticism and proving her vision. Her initial focus on Pune lawyers later expanded to Delhi, Mumbai, and beyond, reflecting her ambition and drive.

Building Trust and Expertise:

Verifying lawyer credentials and offering flexible payment options ensures clients’ trust and security. Lawyers benefit from increased leads, profile visibility, and opportunities to write blogs and promote themselves on social media.

Impacting Lives:

Handling around 200-250 leads per week and having served over 2500 clients, RTC tackles various legal issues, but Shreya notes a rise in divorce cases during the pandemic. Client testimonials like, “Trusting RTC was a risk that paid off,” fuel her passion to make legal services more accessible and user-friendly.

Empowering Through Knowledge:

Shreya actively educates the public through her engaging podcast, “Legally Speaking with Rest the Case,” simplifying complex legal matters on Spotify.

Shreya’s story is an inspiration to young entrepreneurs, especially women, demonstrating that with dedication, innovation, and a commitment to social impact, even the most ambitious dreams can become reality.

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