Stalker Amanat Ali shot a school girl in Delhi, India’s capital

Stalker Amanat Ali Shot A School Girl In Delhi, India’S Capital
📷 Stalker Amanat Ali in police custody for shooting a teenager after she rejected his advances. Image via news agency ANI

On August 25, a 16-year-old girl was shot close to her home by a stalker named Amanat, also known as Arman Ali, in Delhi, India’s capital. According to DCP Benita Mary Jaiker, the accused and his two colleagues were taken into custody.

The event happened on August 25 when the victim, a student in Class 11 at the Cambridge International School on Devli Road, was returning home from class. It was said that her mother was with her. Three males on a motorbike were seen following the girl in the neighbourhood according to CCTV footage that just surfaced. One of them fired a shot at her as the group fled the area near Sangam Vihar B block in South Delhi.

According to the police, the victim had been the target of persistent stalking and harassment for the previous 4-5 months by Amanat alias Arman Ali, who resided in the girl’s neighbourhood. According to the authorities, Amanat Ali admitted to meeting the victim online. He had been communicating with the victim for some time before she abruptly quit, which made him upset and motivated him to kill the girl.

The police were informed by the victim, who is presently receiving medical attention, that she had been in contact with the suspect for two years via social media. Although she stopped communicating with Ali around six months ago, the accuser continued to track her.

The victim’s father expressed disbelief that nobody came to aid his wife, who continued to cry for help, while his daughter screamed out in pain, and spectators continued to videotape the scene.

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