8 Struggles of a Married Woman

8 Struggles Of A Married Woman

Marriage is not easy

Some of the most stressful times in a married woman’s life are related to her husband, and even though they complain about the same, he is helpless to make changes. At times, you feel so burnt out that you can’t put any more work into this relationship, and you will end up compromising on a lot of things. It is important to acknowledge that marriage is not an easy road to travel; it has its ups and downs, and it takes strength and persistence to sustain the relationship.

Don’t be fooled by this statement, being a wife comes with challenges. They come in different shapes and sizes and you will have to work to deal with them.

Married woman get frustrated too

Sometimes I feel my husband doesn’t care about what I’m going through or what I’m going to go through. He does not listen to me either. And he’s not very expressive in telling me things. So how do you handle this?


She must speak to him about her frustration. He needs to be aware of her feelings and her frustrations. If she shows him how she’s going through her day he’ll probably be more sympathetic. Most men like to be needed, so they’d be happy to know that she’s also down with the kids, laundry, cleaning, shopping and whatever else.

The housework battle

Imagine you have the maid coming to clean your house once a week. You spend so much of your time preparing to get her there and she finally arrives.

You clean the house just as if it was your own, and the maid just sits at the table eating or watching you prepare the house.

As you scrub the toilet, she cleans the bathroom. As you sweep the floor, she mops it. As you cook, she cleans the kitchen.

As you rest, she dusts. As you pack your bags for work, she unpacks them.

As you are headed out, she packs her bags and so on and so forth.

This is every day. And every time, she looks at you for approval. You nod. She smiles. Then she will get back to work.

If you are married, this is your struggle.

Communication is key to solving problems

Passionate conversations can save marriages and marriages can survive love and hate. You can talk about anything to your spouse and you can even share your dreams for the future. So, it is essential to have healthy communication between both spouses.

The makeup dilemma

As a married woman, she is expected to keep up her appearance. As the wife, she must wear makeup every day to achieve the look she is used to.

The struggle of the working mom

She has to be the head of the house, but at the same time, she has to work. She wants to be there for her kids at home. But when she is at work, her children feel neglected. She wants to do a better job in making her husband’s and kids’ lives better.

She has no time to look after her health

She wants to be healthy and also the most desired woman, she cannot ignore her health. But most of the time, she gives all the effort to the house and to the kids, and that takes all the focus.


She has to make sacrifices for her husband’s happiness and because he is the leader of the family. The social aspect of her life has to be reduced.

And that’s a wrap from my end.

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