There Will Be Over 100 Million Women In Extreme Poverty By 2021: UN Report

There Will Be Over 100 Million Women In Extreme Poverty By 2021: Un Report
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UN Women and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) reported an expected increase in poverty by 2021 owing to the ongoing pandemic. Yet again, the report categorically states, women around the world will bear the brunt of this bio-socio-economic warfare.

According to the report, there exist over 87 million women and girls in extreme poverty in India alone as of now. The pandemic is capable of pushing 96 million people in extreme poverty around the world.

An Expected Jump In Poverty Rate From 13.3% to 14.7% By 2021

According to the data on India, the poverty rate for females before the pandemic was 13.3% vs 12.1% for males. But by 2021, the percentage will shift to a 14.7% of women and girls living in extreme poverty in comparison to 13.7% men, the Times of India reported. The estimates of poverty by sex and age are based on the data sample of 129 countries where extreme poverty is most applicable. This includes the areas accounting for 89% of the global population.

According to reports, the regional coverage majorly includes central and south Asian countries and sub-Saharan Africa as well. Though some countries of Latin America and the Caribbean are also included, the main focus remains on the aforementioned geographical areas.

Speculations On India

In 2020, the poverty rate for women in the age group of 25 to 34 was around 12 per cent, which is approximately 13.4 million women living in extremely poor conditions. The same number is expected to increase further by 2 per cent in 2021, according to the UN report.

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