Watch: Wholesome Video

Watch: Wholesome Video

A young boy was separated from his father in a crowd, and people came to his rescue in the most beautiful and unique way possible. The wholesome video of the incident has gone viral, with social media users applauding the locals who assisted the boy.

When the little boy was lost, he began to cry until a man approached him and picked him up on his shoulders so that his father could see him. They all chanted the boy’s father’s name together so that he could hear it from afar.

The viral video begins with a man carrying a young boy on his shoulders, who appears distressed and is seen crying uncontrollably. The video also shows the audience chanting his father’s name, ‘Eduardo.’ It also shows a group of singers who wrote a song about his father’s name. While the small boy’s name was being chanted and the audience applauded, the father unexpectedly turned around and grabbed his son.

As soon as the video went viral, people on social media couldn’t stop praising Argentina’s citizens for their kind deed in assisting the little boy in finding his father. They flocked to the comments section to thank the audience. ‘This is the Twitter content we are all here for… #BeKindAlways #humanity‘ wrote one user. ‘Loved it!!!’ Another user commented.

‘HUMANITY: These kindhearted Argentines come together to chant the father’s name Eduardo to help the boy find his father, who he lost in the crowd,’ read the caption of the viral video.

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Watch: Wholesome Video

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