Here are some effective ways of dealing with rumours at school

Here Are Some Effective Ways Of Dealing With Rumours At School
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Everyone experiences it occasionally. When you enter a room or approach a lunchtime table where people were chatting and joking, all of a sudden there is silence. Or perhaps those who are usually friendly to you start staring at you strangely and avoid eye contact with you.

When this occurs, you probably find yourself the subject of rumours. There is a rumour going through the school that someone began about you. Even though it’s probably something absurd, unbelievable, or inaccurate, it still has the potential to alter how people perceive you. Sometimes that is the case, which can be even more painful because you likely shared a secret with a friend before it all came out.

How to deal with rumours about you?

It’s simple to say that you shouldn’t let it upset you if you know that people are talking negatively about you behind your back, but it’s lot harder to actually follow through on that. However, it is preferable if you don’t try to confront the individual who you believe began the rumour or attempt to refute the claim. These strategies will probably just worsen the problem.

Try to make a joke out of the rumour if it is so damaging that you feel the need to defend yourself. Laugh it off and respond, “Can you believe (whoever began the story) would say such a thing,” if someone asks you if it is real.

You may even attempt to spread the story inside your own circle by adding, “Have you heard what (that person) is saying about me? That is absurd, isn’t it?”

It’s possible that people will stop spreading false stories about you if you can maintain your composure in the face of rumours and don’t panic when you hear one. The primary motivation for spreading rumours is the reaction, and being upset merely makes it appear like the rumour is genuine. So, maintain your composure, and the rumour will disappear quickly.

When your close friend is a rumour monger

Here Are Some Effective Ways Of Dealing With Rumours At School
📷 rumours can be upsetting to those involved and can have a detrimental affect on someone’s life.

When people come together, gossip about someone who isn’t present is very typical. A friend or an acquaintance of yours may be the subject of the gossip.

You should be considerate of other people’s feelings when it comes to these rumours, especially if you have personally experienced them. Even though friendly gossip may seem innocent, people are notoriously bad at maintaining secrets. In all likelihood, the person you were speaking about will hear what you said far more quickly than you might anticipate.

The ability to empathise, or recognise how your words and actions affect other people’s feelings, is a skill that is acquired as one matures. Even though it can be difficult to confront the rumor-mongers in your social circle, you might be able to stop the loop by changing the subject or cracking a joke about them.

When You Are The Big Mouth

Take some time to consider how your actions make those individuals feel if you are the one spreading rumours about other people. It can be entertaining to see how people react to the stories you tell about them, but it is inappropriate to make someone else laugh at their expense.

Consider how you would feel if someone said the same thing about you for a moment to help you avoid spreading rumours or talking negatively about others. It’s likely that the other person would also feel hurt if it were to damage your feelings.

Before you spread a rumour, reflect about what people will think of you. Usually, it’s very obvious to find out who started the rumour. People may claim to find you funny, but they are likely actually curious as to why you feel the need to treat others badly. Do you truly want a reputation as a rumour monger? Who is an untrustworthy person? If not, you should perhaps alter your behaviour.

It takes a lot of work to stop yourself from gossiping or to convince those around you to stop. However, it’s a worthwhile endeavour that will spare many others from having a horrible day.


It may seem like innocent entertainment to spread rumours and engage in gossip about others. In actuality, rumours can be upsetting to those involved and can have a detrimental affect on someone’s life. If you take part, it gives the impression that you are unreliable. However, by choosing not to take part, you can soar above rumours. People will grow to view you as a reliable friend and confidant if you don’t listen to or spread rumours about others.

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