What a beautiful world this is

What A Beautiful World This Is

What a beautiful world this is!

A beautiful day, a beautiful world.

I love it when the sun comes out, and I can see everything that’s going on around me.

It always makes me smile.

I love the feel of the warm breeze on my skin, the way it makes my hair flutter as it moves through it. I love to smell the flowers growing in the garden, and watch them bloom and turn into fruits that fall off the branches and get carried away by birds so they can be eaten by other animals.

I love hearing all of these things because they are part of my life, but they are also so much more than just that—they are part of something bigger than just what happens in one place at one time. They are part of what makes up the universe as we know it.

What a beautiful world this is.

I love it when the sun shines.

And when the sun shines on me, that’s even better!

I feel so happy inside, and it shows in my heart.

I love the sunshine. I love to see it, and I love to feel it on my face. The warmth of the sun makes me feel like everything is right with the world—that everything is good, and I’m happy. And when I am happy, my heart sings and dances in a way that only sunshine can bring.

And so today, I celebrate the beauty of sunshine, and all that it brings to my life.

The world is so beautiful when you look at it from the right angle.

You know what? You’re lucky. You’re very lucky to have such a wonderful person as yourself in your life.

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