Study Found: 30% of Indian Women Experienced Physical Violence

Study Found: 30% Of Indian Women Experienced Physical Violence
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According to the National Family Health Survey-5 report, about one-third of Indian women experienced physical violence. To specify, women in the age bracket of 40 to 49 have experienced more violence than women in the age bracket of 18 to 19 years.

The report highlights a fall from 31.2 % to 29.3 % in domestic violence against women in the country. It also shows how 30% of Indian women aged 18 to 49 have experienced physical or sexual violence from the age of 15. The percentage of Indian women who have experienced physical or sexual violence in the same age bracket in their lifetime is 6%.

Union Health Minister Dr Mansukh Mandviya released the NFHS-5 report on Thursday.

The report suggests that 32% of married women (18-49 years) had experienced physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from their spouses.

The most common kind of spousal abuse faced by Indian women is Physical violence.

If we look at the state-wise indicators of domestic violence, Karnataka top the list with 48%. Thereby indicating domestic violence against women is the highest in Karnataka. Followed by Bihar, Telangana, Manipur, and Tamil Nadu. Domestic violence is lowest in Lakshadweep, at 2.1%.

The report states that a woman’s experience of violence decreases dramatically with higher schooling and wealth.

The survey highlights that 40% of women with no education have faced physical violence, in comparison to 18% of women who have completed their education.

Experience of spousal physical or sexual violence varies greatly with the level of the husband’s alcohol consumption.

70% of Indian women experienced physical violence or sexual assault from their husbands who routinely consume alcohol.

Strangely, the high number of Domestic abuse findings in India never converted into police reports.

Only 14% of women who have been victims of physical or sexual violence have spoken out about it.

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