Why Women Are Insulted For Having Ambition?

Why Women Are Insulted For Having Ambition?

Many people are hesitant to achieve a lot in life because of the fear of being called “bossy,” “brash,” or “intense.” This can be especially difficult for ambitious women, who might feel as though they need to inevitably sacrifice parts of their personality to have any chance of success. Why Do Women Get Insulted For Having Ambition? Let’s begin by asking, “What does society want?”

What does society want?

Society has always wanted women to be beautiful but not too powerful. Women are supposed to be pretty and sweet, but never confident or assertive. If a woman is seen as smart, complicated, hard-working, or ambitious, she is immediately met with criticism from society. Women are always told that they have to have a perfect body and face if they want to get ahead in life—something that is extremely difficult for women of colour to achieve (and even more difficult for those who don’t conform to the vague idea of beauty that society has set out).

Additionally, women have been consistently portrayed as the “reproductive labourers” in society. In which women are expected to be at home and take care of their children until they’re grown. This model is what society deems as “normal”. Women who want to pursue their careers are seen as malcontents and self-centred. They are often not only paid less, but they also face a ton of discrimination.

What if I say..

Many women don’t want to be pigeonholed by society’s values and those who do are often seen as unattractive or get labelled with negative traits!

Yes, you read it right.

In reality, women are the ones being yelled at for not conforming to society’s expectations.

Why do I care?

Considering the way women are treated for having ambition, it is no wonder that many women around the world have low self-esteem. Many equate success with being a “good girl” and being a “good girl” means not being ambitious or taking risks. Women are constantly being told that they cannot be successful without giving up other things. They say there is a balance to be had between focusing on one’s career while still maintaining a personal life. They say this is possible because they give the example of someone in their lives who has done it right, in many cases their mothers.

How surprised will you be when I say that for some people, women should just do what they’re told because it’s not our job to have ambitions; for others, we should be appreciative of the opportunities given to us.

But why are women frowned upon for having ambition?

Here’s one possible explanation: society tells us that men are successful because they’re aggressive, confident, and ambitious. Women are unsuccessful because they’re aggressive, confident and ambitious.

Another reason is that society still doesn’t fully understand how ambition works in women. It’s telling its young women to be beautiful but not too ambitious, to be happy but not too successful, and the result is a generation of women who are both incredibly unhappy and unfulfilled.

What can we do about this?

You and I can change the mindset by telling people that ambition is not something that makes you less feminine – it’s something that makes you more feminine!

Every year, women are underrepresented in public office and in the corporate world. This issue affects their personal and professional lives. Equality is important to them because it improves their quality of life. In order to get more women involved in politics and business, they need to start by changing their mindset. Women want to progress, they want to make a difference, but they need to be unashamed of this ambition.


The author of the article is one of the women who have been insulted for having ambition. The author tries to explain why women should be encouraged to pursue their ambitions and that they are actually very capable.

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