Amarjeet Sada Is World’s Youngest Serial Killer

Amarjeet Sada Is World’S Youngest Serial Killer

Amarjeet Sada is probably the world’s youngest serial killer, having killed three children between 2006 and 2007.

When he was 10, Sada killed three children within 12 months. One of them was his sister.

Little is known about the boy born in 1998 from the relatively small agricultural town of Begusarai in Bihar, India. Much about him has been oppressed in court because of his age.

We know that Sada’s father was a worker, his family was poor, and no one had consistently attended school.

For reasons unknown, Sada was motivated to beat his 6-year-old cousin and his 8-month-old sister to death in 2006. He went on to kill a neighbour’s 6-month-old baby named Kushbu in 2007.

According to The Sun, Sada’s uncle announced that his family knew the first two crimes, but kept them private as a “family problem” to protect Sada.

However, after he murdered baby Kushbu, they could no longer hide his heinous deeds and protect him from the consequences.

The baby’s mother, Chun Chun Devi, told police in 2007 that she had put her baby to sleep at a local school. When she returned, Kushbu was missing.

Shortly thereafter, Sada, a neighbour of the Devi family, faced a complaint from his community. They knew he had a “dark streak” and had previously suspected him of the death of other children in his family. The villagers called the police to speak to Sada. The authorities initially did not believe that such a young boy can kill or harm the missing baby.

Under pressure, to tell the truth, Sada’s parents eventually allowed his son to admit that he strangled Kushbu, covered it with bricks, and buried it in a shallow tomb. Poice believed that the young boy is a serial killer as he lead the authorities to the recently buried baby. Investigation revealed that all children were beaten and killed by Sada.

During the first cross-examination with police, Sada requested a cookie and was reported not to be nervous or remorseful. He was also emotionless when talking to them about the killing of Kushbu.

“She was sleeping at school. I took her a little away, killed her with stones and buried her,” he told them.

The Times of India reported that a psychologist who examined Sada diagnosed him with a common mental illness. He called him a “sadist who derives pleasure from inflicting injuries on others.”

Under Indian law, children cannot be sentenced to death or imprisonment but can be detained at a children’s home until they turn 18.

Sada was released on his 18th birthday in 2016, but his whereabouts are unknown.

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