“My Abortion Gave Me Choice,” says Lesley-Ann Brandt

“My Abortion Gave Me Choice,” Says Lesley-Ann Brandt
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“People have abortions for many reasons. In my case, I simply wasn’t ready. That’s it, and that’s good enough,” the actress said in her ‘Self’ magazine essay.

Lesley-Ann Brandt writes about her experience with having an abortion that gave her a choice.

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Two years into her relationship Brandt offers that pregnancy was something that happened on its own accord. She picked up medication and a pregnancy test before heading to set for her role on Killer Women, where she confirmed she was pregnant.

“At age 32, my abortion gave me choice, autonomy over my own body and opportunities in my career,” she added.

The actress is proving that terminating a pregnancy can be an option for people who aren’t ready to be parents. Choosing this may simply involve not wanting to be a parent at the moment.

She also wrote that not everyone has the luxury of taking time to start their family. Since Brandt had the means to support a child, she could afford an abortion if she wanted one.

Brandt’s says the law “will not stop abortion” but it will make lives of “already vulnerable people,” more difficult.

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Before talking about the Texas bill Brandt reemphasised that, “rest assured, wealthy people will still have access to abortion services. It is the poor who suffer. It is those people already struggling who will bear the brunt of archaic legislation and fake cries of ‘pro-life.’”

“Texas anti-abortion bill was passed at the same time when legislators in that state made it easier to buy a gun and harder to vote.”

In a country like the United States, with poor health care, no federally mandated maternity leave, and women still fighting for equal pay and adequate childcare support, how dare anyone question a woman’s right to choose what’s best for her and her life?” she concluded.


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