About Us

About Us

Realshepower is an online platform for women to re-connect with themselves and the growing empowering community of women around the world.

It is the world’s first women’s online platform dedicated to featuring inspiring journeys of strong powerful creative minds. We aspire to bring to you the change makers, the leaders, the innovators to whom you can look up to as you walk on your path to success.

This is a place to show your talent, connect to a larger audience, write and inspire others with the power of your pen. A place of collective endeavor.

Realshepower was founded in 2018 by Pragya Singh with the vision of creating an ecosystem of and for women across race, ethnicity, country, and religion. A place where our identity is that of a woman, where we become the cheerleaders in the success of our fellow beings, where we support and empower one another. Where we rise together as one.

Realshepower.in is designed to highlight multidimensional colourful empowering stories of India and Indian women. Since the founder of Realshepower is an Indian, this is her attempt to uplift young girls and women of India by bringing to them raw, unadulterated, authentic feminist voices rooted in Indian culture and ethos.

Pragya Singh believes: There’s immense space in this world for all of us to grow. Together we can, together we will. This is the motto of her life and the vision of RealShePower.

Let’s co-create!