8 People Tell How They Found Love On Dating App

8 People Tell How They Found Love On Dating App

Being on a dating app is both exciting and frustrating. But what if we told you that some people found love on dating app? Yes, dating apps are the new way to meet your soulmate. At least for these eight folks, the dating app was a heavenly intervention that helped them meet their true love. Let’s see how things have gone for them.

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1. I met my husband on a dating app in November 2018, and we married two months later. The one difference between dating him and dating other people is that there was no game playing. I truly believe that if someone is genuinely interested in you, they will make the time for you and there will be no second-guessing how they feel about you.


2. My cousin found the love of her life on bumble. She’s married to him now. I found mine before dating app era, but online. I found him on Orkut and dated him for around 9 years before marrying. So, it is possible


3. I have 2 close friends who’ve met special people on bumble. One of them got married and the other has a girlfriend but is serious enough with her. So yeah it can happen, but yeah you need certain parameters to go your way. It’s very important to be authentic and honest about what you want over there. And then you do need some looks (above average) and also a good amount of luck.


4. We are both exactly how we portrayed ourselves to be. He has moved in with me, and now we are looking for a house. I am looking for a ring to get him.

– janejanegang
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5. We matched over a year ago, and got married this summer! He was the first guy from a dating app that I went on a date with. After the date, we both just knew this was it, and here we are a year later happily married and looking forward to our future together.


6. Met my wife on Badoo. About three months later we got married. Our son, Liam is 1 year old now and we will be married 4 years next March.


7. Found my fiancé on a dating app. When I first got on the app I wasn’t expecting much but everything came easy. We had a good conversation starting out and then he asked me out immediately. Now we have been going out for almost 2 years and we always talk about how bumble was amazing because without it we wouldn’t have met.

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8. I found my boyfriend on a dating app last year. I am so grateful. We are very happy and plan on getting married.


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