Goddess: A Poem By Belinda Daou

Goddess: A Poem By Belinda Daou
Soul Of Godess


She felt like a light beaming into a room afraid of anything but darkness

Her presence chased evil away

She flooded colour into the darkest souls

She was the kind of person you wanted to be touched by, just to feel hope caress your soul

Her guardian angels were called to fight the darkest of demons

Her smile was contagious

Haunting at times

The type of haunting you wanted to be followed by

She could open your chest and reach down into your soul and plant seeds of happiness for eternity

She could heal your wounds just with her white aura

She was a gift to anyone lucky enough to cross paths with her

The closest you’d ever come to heaven

A miracle thrown down from the sky

She held the innocence of a newborn child even in a world that repeatedly tried to steal it from her

She was an angel whose soul was constantly twisted and dragged into chaos and ugliness

Her heart fought desperately to keep its true colours untouched

Life was a struggle for such a pure heart

Almost as if she was made of different flesh and bone

It was a curse and a blessing to be her

She was an outsider, an outcast, something the world couldn’t believe to begin to accept

Maybe she belonged to another world

One she didn’t even know existed but still hoped to find one day

One she felt a responsibility to create herself

That maybe if she kept watering the good in her heart

If she kept giving more than taking

That she could bring heaven to the darkest ugliest corners of the world

That she could inject the world with the same matter she was made of

She was a rare beautiful woman formulating a plan to rumble the world with wonder

She is what you’d call a Goddess.

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About the Author

Belinda Daou is an American Lebanese passionate self-proclaimed writer/poet. She has an instagram poetry account where she writes poems and short passages about life /love/ and healing (Account: move.me.into.euphoria). She strives and looks forward to someday publish her own poetry book that she would be able to share with the world. “If you are looking to feel something from paper and ink, that is where my heart comes into the equation to do just that.”

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