Are you in a Rebound Relationship? These 7 signs will help you find out

Are You In A Rebound Relationship? These 7 Signs Will Help You Find Out

When a relationship ends, it can be tough to know if you’re ready to move on. If you find yourself in a new relationship soon after your last one ended, it might be a rebound relationship.There are some signs that can help you tell if your new relationship is a rebound. Here are seven of them:

1. You’re still thinking about your ex:

If you’re constantly thinking about your ex, chances are you’re not over them yet. This can make it difficult to give your new relationship a fair chance.

2. You’re moving too fast:

A rebound relationship is often characterized by moving too fast. If you’re already talking about serious topics like marriage or kids, it’s likely that you’re trying to fill the void left by your previous relationship.

3. You’re not being yourself:

In order to avoid getting hurt again, you might find yourself holding back in your new relationship. This can prevent you from truly connecting with your partner.

4. You’re avoiding conflict:

It’s normal to have disagreements in any relationship. However, in a rebound relationship, one or both partners might avoid conflict altogether. This can lead to simmering resentment that eventually explodes.

5. You spend time with your partner only while drinking or when high:

If you’re only spending time with each other when you’re both drunk or high, that’s also a pretty clear sign that this might not be the healthiest relationship.

6. You’re trying to recreate your last relationship:

If you’re trying to recreate your last relationship, it’s definitely a rebound. This usually happens when people are trying to replace someone they lost and can’t let go of the past.

7. The relationship is based on sex:

If the only thing keeping you together is physical attraction, it’s likely a rebound. This type of relationship is usually short-lived and doesn’t involve much emotional connection.

If you’re noticing any of these signs in your own relationship, it’s important to have an honest conversation.

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