6 Ways to stop Burnouts?

6 Ways To Stop Burnouts?

Let’s start from the beginning!

What is burnout?

When we persistently feel that we’re not living, just surviving, it’s burnout. A haunting phase of life, when we’re physically and mentally exhausted with almost everything around us.

Here are some signs of a burnout for you to know:-

1. When work = stress: All you want is to walk away from the place that you joined because of your passion and the environment. You feel like the place and people are just too exhausting to get engaged with, and you just want to walk out from there.

2. Physical Pain: You experience too much physical pain from headache, stomachache, fever and cold because of the inappropriate sleeping and eating habits.

3. Exhaustion: You’re drained and exhausted from anything that you seemed to be excited about, earlier. Eating, sleeping and work becomes just a necessity and you don’t have time for hobbies and loved ones.

4. Isolation: When all you want is to isolate yourself from everyone and everything.

5. New BFF: When stress and anxiety become your BFFs.

There are multiple signs to alarm you to stop doing things this way in order to prevent this burnout from becoming habitual.

But what about the measures that needs to be taken? Here, have a look at what we think is best for you, to say a goodbye to your burnout.

Bye Bye Burnout

1.Get away and Fully Unplug!
Excursions with friends and family will assist people with jobs, in maintaining a strategic distance from burnout.

2. Eat, drink, sleep and repeat!
Eating and sleeping might seem the most casual and underrated habits but these have a direct relationship with our mental health and they will surely help in preventing burnouts if taken care of!

3. Physical fitness is important!
Every once in a while, when it feels too much to even breathe, find something to look forward to! I know I know, exercising might not sound as good of an option as it is, not to me too, but trust me it’s the best way to release our inner stress and unlock our real potential. Walking, running, skipping and exercising are just what you need to feel energized and fresh all day long.

4. Find a new hobby!
If you think that the previous hobbies and activities don’t entice you anymore, switch to new ones! Reading, writing, cycling, fishing, baking and what not! There are like millions of options girls, go and find yourself an exciting one.

5. Dedicate some time to social service!
Planting a tree everyday might not be possible but visiting an orphanage or an old age home every week or month and spending some time with the people who would actually care, is something that can make you feel content.

6. Introduce a new habit once in a while!
Try to introduce new habits in your lifestyle which would make it all the way better for you. Like eating fruits, drinking more water or green tea, etc.

All these activities and actions seem quite possible to execute and inhabit, all you have to do is begin today! Don’t wait for burnouts, excessive stress and depression to hit you with full force, prevent it from sucking up the joy from your life and the gleam of your eyes. 

Priyanka Sharma

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